Rigma, we help companies and entrepreneurs create and test great digital products
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We are Rigma. We help people create and test great digital products

Rigma works with founders, companies and tech experts to build digital products. We use bootstrap friendly methods to quickly assemble and test prototypes and full-scale products.

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Founded by a designer who loves code, and a developer who values good design, we form an interdisciplinary team capable of achieving amazing results at lightning speed. We are based in Berlin and build products for German and international markets.

Rigma, we help great people create and test great digital products

Stefan Maier is a full-stack developer, with in-depth knowledge of numerous technologies. He won’t stop until he’s found the perfect solution for your needs.

Rigma, we help great people create and test great digital products

Damian Martone is an expert in product design and user experience. His portfolio encompases diverse projects in multiple industries.

Our Process

  • Step 1
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    Our collaboration begins with a workshop to understand the market, problems and the client’s specific needs to provide an accurate estimate for the job. We use the resulting information to create a project scope.

  • Step 2
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    After the project is estimated and approved, we begin with a concept and intensive development phase. Our team works closely with the client, ensuring that the speed doesn't affect the vision. Scrum and Kanban methodologies help us achieve faster results.

  • Step 3
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    We present a final product tailored to your specs and provide further consultation to help you grow your product, service or company.

Rigma, we help great people create and test great digital products

Our Skills

At Rigma designers and developers with interdisciplinary knowledge come together to create Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) using cost-effective methods.

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • User Experience Design
  • ReactJS
  • React Native
  • Responsive Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • User Testing
  • APIs
  • A/B Testing
  • Research
  • MVP Creation

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Latest Projects

  • DiffTrip

    Difftrip: an off-season travel search made for Lufthansa Innovation Hub.

  • HIIT App

    HIIT App: an iOS App for High Intensity Interval Training built on React Native.

  • Tracktive

    Tracktive: a tool that helps media buyers improve campaign performance.

Some of our previous clients
  • Daimler Logo
  • Kayak Logo
  • Juniqe Logo
  • Lufthansa
  • FromAtoB Logo
  • First Place: Berlin Startup Bootcamp Hackathon 2017 First Place @ Berlin Startup Bootcamp Hackathon 2017 (March 2017): Parkcloud View Project
  • Hackerholz Mobility Hacks 2016 First Place @ Hackerholz Mobility Hacks 2016 (Dec 2016): Herzi BVG Bot View Project